Jerome Police Need Your Help
Theft affects us all. Whether you have had your house broken into, your car vandalized or been a victim of higher prices in the grocery store do to theft. We all pay the price when someone steals.
How Awkward Are Company Photos?
Every company I have ever worked for has required me to participate in a company picture. Ugh!
There are several types of people when it comes to company photos:
Kim Kardashian Hot or Not?
I still can't figure in the world, is this chick famous? She's not a musician, actress or active model. As far as I am concerned, she's a girl with a pretty face and a HUGE badonkadonk. She put out an awful tape and got lucky when Ryan Seacrest gave her family a reality show…
What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Study the picture below for a minute or two.  See anything unusual?
Take your time, I’ll wait here......
See it yet? Keep looking, it’ll come to you eventually.  No it's not a sail boat. :-)
By Chris Kai

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