Love, Idaho Style
When you're an Idaho guy, you gotta do what you gotta do to find love. That's what one Idaho male did when he decided to propose to his girlfriend near Rexburg.
Crazy Rexburg Dashcam Video
This is insane. A guy dressed as a woman (no, not kidding) allegedly stole an ATV from a store in Rexburg. As he fled police, he collided violently with a vehicle at an intersection. Now, 2 different dashcam videos have been released that show the accident as it happened.
Stoners 911
Listen to this 911 call made by two admitted drug dealers who called Idaho Police to turn themselves in after they got high.
650 Valentine Balloons
Keegan Wolke of Rexburg went out of his way to make sure every girl in his school received a little love for Valentine's Day.

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