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Top Stories of 2013
Here they are... the top 5 stories from 2013 on 98.3 The Snake.  Remember these?  The thousands of visitors and page views beat out literally thousands of other posts to take the top spots.
The top 3 are NSFW, which made total sense to us...
Fire at The Snake Studios
Today while I was playing radio a fellow co-worker knocked on the studio door and told me that the entire staff is evacuating the building for a fire.
So I grabbed my headphones, cell phone, purse, and epi- pen and got the hell outta there...
Today on the Bob & Tom Show
Nothing in life makes the Chickster happier than his beloved Washington Redskins, which is why we've not been able to get him out of the studio since he found out his hero, former 'Skins QB Joe Theismann would be joining us.