Do You Flush The Toilet With Your Hand Or With Your Foot [POLL]
OK - I am not a germiphobe. I am a guy though and I think that makes me gross/dirty by default. But when it comes to toilet germs I am over aware! I hate public bathrooms. I understand that for a business to keep their toilet rooms clean is tough...but even if you clean it every hour - it is still a…
I dropped my phone in the toilet
What would you do if you dropped your phone in the toilet?  For me it depends on what kind of phone is it and is the phone alone or does it have company?
In today's case, one of my coworkers not only dropped his phone in the toilet, but it had company.
Port-A-Potties Suck!
Earlier this week, I found this note (above) hung on the ladies restrooms and I was scurd.  There was nothing else to do but use the dreaded porta-potties!
Where Should We Send The Toilet?
We found this on our lawn this morning:
It’s a piece of pretty smart viral marketing courtesy of the American Cancer Society.  Maybe you’ve seen one of these where you are today?  Basically, you pay a $5 fee and those responsible will come take it away...
Hotel Super Toilet Can Flush 18 Golf Balls At Once Poll
If you want a powerful toilet, go to a Loews hotel.
Frustrated that about four guests a day were clogging up the latrine at each of their hotels, the Loews chain is now featuring an American Standard Champion 4 toilet that is so powerful it can flush 18 golf balls (or 40 feet of toilet paper) at once…