Call me uneducated or inexperienced, but as a 24-year-old I did more tax work this year than I ever have in the past. I grew up in a small town, so my go-to for tax time was a local lawyer who actually grew up in the home my parents live in. I basically handed him the forms and he called me back on a later date to pay for his work. Talk about SIMPLE.

Moving to Idaho in 2019 meant having to find someone else to fill out my tax forms or to do it myself. I went for the option to take it to a place in town because it just seemed easier. They could talk me through the actual process and then I would know how to file on my own next year. I'm really glad I did use a tax pro and go into an office because a refund I found out about paid for the trip itself!

In Idaho, you can actually get a refund for basically living in the state. Well- you can as long as you aren't getting food stamps or support from the government.

When you're filing on your own or with someone this year, you'll want to be sure you fill out the form on your state refund for grocery credit. If you live in Idaho, you can get a credit for every dependent of yours living in the state. Usually, it averages about $100 per person, but if you're over 65 years old, you might even get a bigger refund. According to my tax pro, this refund exists is because of the 6% state tax we pay on our groceries.

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When filing, you'll want to be sure you fill out Form 24, Form 40, or Form 43. You can figure out which one to use with this worksheet. If you're just reading this and shaking your head for not knowing about it before, you can go back and refile your taxes. My tax pro said he had a neighbor who went back three years, which added up to about $1,200 in refunds because of the people living in his household.

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