Kids these days are spoiled with their iPhones. Find out what happens when we taken away a teenager's smartphone.

I didn't get my first cell phone until 1999 and all it did was make phone calls. Around 2006 I started texting and finally around 2010 I got a smart phone that did more than call and text. So it is really crazy to me to see kids in 5th grade with a phone that I waited 11 years to get.

Another crazy thing: the kids with the phones...they are crazy. They live on their phones and literally go insane and don't know what to do without their gadgets.

Have you ever tried to cut your kids off from their electronics? I bet madness ensued! A neuroscientist tested what happened when teenagers were cut off from their phones and Internet access for just one day. Some of the best reactions were:

  • "Emptiness overwhelms me"
  • "The feeling of nothing passed into my heart"
  • "I felt as though I was being tortured."

Did I mention that teenagers are crazy and addicted to their phones...and that they have a flair for the overly dramatic?

Here's some tech that we don't miss...

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