A former military officer for the Afghanistan Army who is currently living in Idaho has a unique offer for Twin Falls' residents. If you can hook him up with discount dental services, he'll share with you the secrets of protecting Twin Falls from a crippling, instantaneous act of sabotage.

This individual, who goes by the name "Justin," is in need of major dental corrective work. Everything that could possibly go wrong in a person's mouth has happened to Justin, and he is currently unemployed and without dental insurance.

Periodontal disease, infection, multiple failed root canals, and seven spoiled crowns are just a few issues "Justin" is currently dealing with, according to his submission. He is seeking at least 80% off of total costs. In exchange for your help, he is offering "free security infrastructure consulting."

If anyone can assist this 27-year-old, veteran of the Afghanistan Army, with dental assistance, you would be doing a tremendous service.

The actual Craigslist post can be viewed below.



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