I watch more HGTV than any human should. When nothing else is on, I'll watch someone do a renovation in Costa Rica. I don't know why. But, it's way more fun when it's a show that's near us. That's why I enjoyed re-watching the most recent Househunters episode that featured a Boise couple.

It's the episode that featured Rebecca and Ron. Rebecca does ultrasounds at an OBGYN center. Ron does mobile MRI's. I had no idea MRI's were done mobile. Learn something new every day.

Ron misspelled Rebecca's name on the wedding invitations and lived to tell about it. Lucky guy.

In their house hunt, she wanted something convenient in Boise. He wanted something more country. In typical Househunter style, they had three final options. I don't want to give away which one they picked, but it wasn't #2 or #3.

In the end, the lady got her way. That is completely shocking.

You can check out the full episode that's been shared on YouTube if you want to see some semi-local HGTV action.

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