I recently saw someone post on Facebook a question about the best way to get rid of pesky Goathead weeds without hiring someone to do the work. I did a sad laugh in my chair. I laughed because thinking you can win against these puncturevine weeds is silly, and I cried because (again) thinking you can win against these puncturevine weeds is silly. I've had an issue with these weeds in my backyard for years and the battle seems futile. But it isn’t.

Goathead Weeds Are Satan’s Favorite Flower

I can’t count the number of punctured bike tires I have seen in my life due to the prickers from a Goathead vine. They grow fast and if you miss the moment in time when you can spray them with chemicals or pluck them from the ground before they form, you’re in for a bad year.

There are many opinions and verified ways to eradicate weeds in Idaho, but Goathead weeds have a way of coming back year after year. In the Facebook comments there were a number of valid ideas for killing the puncturevine in your yard without professional help. Each idea varies in effort and effectiveness.

You Need To Burn Goathead Weeds To Kill Them For Good

The top suggestion for killing off Goatheads is to burn them and send them back to the fires of Mordor. The heat of a flame is the only way to kill the seeds that have yet to germinate and are still buried just beneath the surface of the dirt. Burning them is also the most fun suggestion for their eradication.

Kill Goatheads With Chemicals

Another valid option to kill off the pointy weed is to spray them with chemicals. This isn’t always a viable option. You can’t spray Gly Star on a windy day, which is pretty much all days in Idaho during the spring. You also can’t use many chemicals if you have pets or children roaming the yard. Chemical sprays are also tough to use if the weeds are mixed in with your grass. 2, 4-D doesn’t work well on Goathead, but it also won’t kill your grass.

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Get Rid Of Goatheads By Pulling The Weed From The Ground

This is the least fun and most time-consuming way to get rid of weeds in your yard. But if you have the time, it can also be extremely effective to pick the weeds, one-by-one, making sure to get the root and any spikes that fall from the vine. After you pull the weed, you can use this creative foam roller idea to pick up ant prickers you may have missed.

Another option for the removal of the weeds is to hire someone to do the work for you.

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