We searched Twin Falls looking for the best gluten-free friendly Mexican restaurants in Twin Falls.  Here's what we found.

I'll start by saying that because I have chosen to go gluten free doesn't make me feel like every restaurant should have to navigate the Da Vinci Code of my dietary requirements. Each establishment should be free to choose who they cater to, just as I decide where I eat based on what's offered.

My experience is based of an attempt to order a breakfast burrito, sans gluten.

  • Do you offer a gluten free tortilla substitute? No.
  • Can you swap out the flour tortilla for a corn tortilla?  No.
  • Can you serve me the contents of the breakfast burrito without the tortilla?  No - But she said that they could serve it to me as is and I could remove the tortilla myself.

The young lady behind the counter was very apologetic that she couldn't accommodate me. (A+ for friendliness!) And she made a menu suggestion of the chicken taquitos, which are made with corn tortillas. I had my heart set on a breakfast burrito but I ordered some and they were quite good. (For the record, the breakfast burritos at 9 Beans are some of the best in town. I wish I could still eat them)

My experience is also based of an attempt to order a breakfast burrito, sans gluten.

  • Do you offer a gluten free tortilla substitute? Yes.
  • Can you just put the stuff on a plate? Yes - Almost everything on the menu can be customized.  Most burritos are also offered in a bowl as a salad without the tortilla.
  • To go one step further, these guys are paleo friendly. How about some sweet-potatoes instead of rice? Yeah.  They do that.

KB's offers one of the most customizable menus I could find in Twin Falls. After I was done hearing them say "yes" to my requests for multiple substitutions, I was convinced they would take down a ceiling tile and serve it to me on the back of a turtle if I asked.

Cafe Rio offers a choice between corn or flour tortillas... and you can customize the heck out of your order. But KB's gets the win for having an actual gluten free tortilla option.

Do you know of a restaurant that should be on this list?  Leave a comment and let us know.

Final note. I deal with food intolerance but I am not allergic. I cannot speak knowledgeably about issues regarding cross-contamination because I an not affected by trace amounts of gluten.  



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