Valentines Day is on Friday and if you're ready to get your romance on, a good meal is usually part of the process. You've got to treat your lover right and this is where you should take them.

Okay, well this is where says you should take your date, but I have to disagree.

MSN says the "Best Date Night Restaurant in Idaho" is


I like Fork just fine, in fact I like it a lot. It's one of the go to places in town that I take people who come to visit, but I don't think it's the best date night spot in town. MSN says they have great cocktails, shrimp and grits, and butter cake. This may be true...

But in my personal opinion, the best date night restaurant in Boise is


Get your lady the steak on the rock and she'll love you for life! It's honestly my death bed meal. The sauce it comes with is so good I could suck it up through a straw!

Reservations are available at Barbacoa for Valentines Day and they have a four-course special for $89 per person.

Conclusion, Fork may be your best bet if you are looking for a little more casual and less expensive. Barbacoa is sure to impress if you want to go all out.

Any other Boise hot spots that you love for Valentines Day? I've always wanted to go to Chandler's but it's a bit pricy as well, so I haven't made it there yet.

Moug mentioned that we have The Melting Pot in town, which always makes for a nice date night! Oh and one last thought, you can't go wrong with Ruth's Chris! Best steak I've ever had without sauce in my life!

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