The rockhounding summer season is officially underway in Idaho. The state has an enormous amount of stones that are just waiting to be unearthed, and for those who prefer the polished, green qualities of jade, there are numerous locations in central and southern Idaho to direct your search toward.

Rockhounding is a passion of many Idahoans. I've spent a few summers myself scouring rivers and streams in Idaho in search of unique rocks. From Stanley Lake south to Salmon Falls Creek in Twin Falls County, I've done my share of landscape prodding for hidden stones.

Remember to never seek stones on private land.

One of the joys of being a father is taking your kids outdoors and immersing them in nature. I grew up a big fan of the Indiana Jones films, and always dreamed of discovering something that would make me wealthier than I could ever imagine. The Holy Grail I gave up on long ago for obvious reasons.

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The Gem State got its nickname due to the fact that one of the world's largest concentrations of precious stones and minerals are lying within its borders. Portions of the Idaho Batholith extend primarily throughout the northern and central regions of the state. A batholith is simply a large cluster of protruding granite, quartz, and other rock types, according to

If it's jade you seek, you should travel to some of the more remote areas of Idaho, such as McCall, Riggins, Salmon, Grangeville, Idaho City, or other regions where the lobes of the batholith extend. Remember to never seek stones on private land.

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