If you missed our recent post on why religious affiliation is exceptionally fascinating right now in Twin Falls, you can find that here.

So, why an article about a religious debate?

For all its shortcomings --- like people talking past each other, zero interest in actively listening to the other, and my biggest pet peeve, crowd participation (argh, be quiet and listen!) --- there is value here for the thoughtful viewer.

The God debate is an incredibly important, life-changing one, and according to the numbers, Twin Falls is experiencing a landscape-sized shift in religious affiliation.

When viewed in a quiet, reflective manner, the discerning viewer can still glean points of value from BOTH sides of a debate, which I'd argue is where the real treasure is found in the debate setting.

On a topic like this, discussion of who "wins" the debate is absolutely inconsequential, as the goal ought to be learning and reflection. (One way to begin doing this is simply to ask yourself, "What is the BEST argument each side is presenting here?" and then state it out loud in a clear fashion, and without minimizing or belittling it.)

So here is the late Christopher Hitchens vs. William Lane Craig. Do you want to see more of these? Let us know!

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