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You may know of this place.  Billingsley Creek Ranch in Hagerman is one of several private hunting reserves in southern Idaho.  It has spectacular views and multiple buildings.  Guest cottages and cabins for staff.  It’s owned by a pair of brothers from Florida and it could be yours.

The asking price is a cool 21 million dollars!  While it’s too rich for my blood, let me just say the price is fairly standard for such a large property.  One with amenities and a lot of wildlife.  Especially waterfowl.

In fact, it’s one of the prime spots for bird hunting in Idaho.  The ranches in the area attract hunters from all over the world.  Peyton Manning is often seen in the area when he’s duck hunting.

The property would also satisfy any avid trout fisherman.  The current owners have fully stocked the waters.

For an outsider with questions about the weather, Hagerman is hot in summer.  There are many days when highs are in the triple digits.  Winters are mild. In fact, the weather is so moderate the area is known for producing watermelon.  There are multiple hot springs in the area.  One even keeps alligators on site.

Downtown Hagerman is easy to navigate with some good places to eat and a grocery store.  Boise and Twin Falls are reasonably close.  For big ticket items, Twin Falls has multiple big box stores.  The ranch is roughly a half-hour drive from the airport in Twin Falls.

Hall and Hall is the agency listing the property.  The real estate firm specializes in high-end properties across the west and parts of Canada.

Trent Jones is the agent.  He’s located at an office in Sun Valley.

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