Most of us have lived in a neighborhood that's had that one house we're all very curious about. I lived next to a guy in Twin Falls that everyone talked about because his property decorations were so bizarre that it seemed like a new rumor surfaced every month about what was taking place inside the dwelling.

Have you ever seen the movie Monster House? The animated movie came out in 2006 and was one of my daughter's favorite films to watch at Halloween time. It's about that ONE house on the block that's so mysterious people can't help but gossip about it.

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When I was a kid, there was a home that my parents were warned about when we first moved to the neighborhood. There were dark stories that neighbors told us about things they'd seen in the windows or had heard from word of mouth that made my brother and I very curious kids. We would ride our bikes up to the house and try to peek into the windows from time to time from the sidewalk.

The owners of the home were very active inside at night, and we rarely caught a glimpse of them in daylight hours, which only fueled the rumors. I had a similar experience when I first moved to one of the presidential neighborhoods in Twin Falls in 2018. While I won't give away the exact location for obvious reasons, anyone who has driven past the home has probably noticed the very eerie decorations that hang near the front door and on trees throughout the property.

Is there a home in southern Idaho that you've always wondered about? What are some of the rumors you've heard without giving out the address?

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