You never know what you'll find when entering into someone's Idaho dwelling. We have two pieces of decor in particular at our place that visitors just can't seem to take their eyes off of, and the conversations can get a tad awkward from time to time.

Do you own a unique decoration that your Idaho guests seem to fixate on when they drop by for a visit? It's been my experience that Idahoans own some very interesting things. When my wife tries to talk me out of buying something she thinks is hideous or just plain doesn't want in the house, I say, "But it's a great conversation piece."

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Three things most people in Idaho have under their roof are safes, guns, and damn good whiskey, but I'm in search of the really unique items that leave company scratching their heads.

We had a visit from our Internet guy just a few days ago. He came by to see about increasing the speed and strength of our signal. On his way up the stairs, he stopped and took a picture of our tapestry of actor Jeff Goldblum shirtless with a butterfly on the tip of his finger. The image is of his character Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park; my wife and I are big fans.

The Internet employee couldn't get enough of the tapestry and said he wanted to buy one for his wife and inquired as to what website we purchased it from. Our bloodhound table is another item that people seem to enjoy when they visit.

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Greg Jannetta; Canva
Greg Jannetta

What's your one Idaho home decoration that people either love, or love to hate on?

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