I just returned from a major West Coast road trip that spanned over 2,500 miles, and managed to knock out some pretty epic landmarks along the way. None of the stops felt more like time travel than our visit to the last remaining Blockbuster video store in Bend, Oregon.

Bend is 440 miles northwest of Twin Falls, and it was a total fluke that we ended up visiting the city at all. Our hotel room we had reserved in the city of Burns, Oregon, had caught fire the day before we were scheduled to check in, and none of the staffers thought it was necessary to call and inform us about it. So, we arrived at about 10 P.M. to a closed, darkened hotel, that was surrounded by caution tape.

Not wanting to spend the night in my truck, we had no choice but to drive two hours out of our way to Bend, and that's when we discovered we were just down the road from the last Blockbuster on Earth. It was a pretty exciting development for my entire family.

Greg Jannetta
Greg Jannetta

The store, located at 211 NE Revere Avenue, was like walking into a time warp. It was so awesome to be wandering the aisles, surrounded by DVDs, VHS tapes, candy and novelty gift items. It brought back so many memories for my wife and I. The store also features some pretty impressive movie memorabilia, such as the robe worn by Russell Crowe in the film, "Cinderella Man."

I highly recommend you stop in if you're ever in the city. We had recently watched the documentary on the last Blockbuster also, which made the experience that much better.

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