Some guys are looking to score and some may be looking to snore.

Researchers from the University of Chicago have conducted a study of 10 guys in their 20s that found the less sleep a man gets, the worse his sex life is.

While this seemingly obvious conclusion certainly doesn't qualify as an "a-ha" moment and could be published in the 'Journal of Duh' periodical, the study did discover that failure to rack up your Z's could indeed cause trouble between the sheets.

Researchers learned that men who gets less than five hours of shut-eye a night for a period lasting longer than a week experience reduced levels of testosterone, unlike fellas who wake up refreshed after a full night of rest.

Less testosterone means a less active libido, which means no dude will want to rock anybody's world in bed. So, get your rest, because your partner may not be too understanding if you don't want to do the wild thing.

The study also found that the subjects' moods worsened with each passing day as they got less and less sleep. Hmm, they're not sleeping and they're not getting any. How good a mood would you be in?

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