State emergency dispatch lines are in place to assist people who are experiencing life-threatening incidents. These call centers are often bothered by people who are calling for reasons that don't meet these criteria, and southern Idaho dispatchers experience this problem more than you might think.

Have you ever called 9-1-1 in southern Idaho? I have never had to thankfully. Burglaries, serious health concerns such as heart attacks, major injuries, and crimes of violence are examples of reasons I would pick up the phone and call for emergency response teams in southern Idaho.

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I lived next to someone once who had a habit of calling 9-1-1 to report things like neighbors causing disturbances or people parking in front of her home. I frequently chatted to a city police officer who lived across the street from me and warned me about this issue when we first bought a home on the street.

The number one problem with calling local emergency dispatch personnel is the reason behind it doesn't warrant an emergency, according to City police or the local sheriff's department should be contacted over matters that don't qualify as life-threatening, although they are trained to do so if need be.

Noise disturbances (unless it's from inside the home), lost animals, spousal arguments, and other common neighborhood problems are not a reason to dial 9-1-1. Some people do it as pranks, which is beyond irresponsible.

These Idaho call center staffers have incredibly stressful jobs and need to have open lines to assist those who are experiencing true emergencies. Think about this next time you reach for the phone.

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