First of all, I'm not even sure "portmanteau" is the right word and I certainly can't pronounce it. But since "I read it on the internet once", it must be true. According to the wiktionary it's the combining of two words to make one.  A "Frankenword". Skirt + Shorts = a "skort" (or is it a pair of skorts?). Scrooge + Grinch = A Scrinch.

When Kendra mentioned that we had to work on Christmas Eve, I said (joking of course) "you're a scrooge AND a grinch. You're a Scrinch."  So, if that phrase has never been used before, I can claim that "Don Craig first coined the phrase Scrinch in 2010" and it's now on the internet, so it's true!

"Mc anything" has been popular for years. Most recently McDreamy and McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy. Yesterday, I talked to a DJ in another town and he said not only is he making his crew work Christmas Eve, but they had to record stuff for Christmas day. I said "On Christmas? On a Saturday?" He said "Yeah. They are calling me Kelly McScroogealot."

So feel free to steal those for a Scrinch in your office. For now, I have to go post another blog on our website. Or is that "I have to go Plog on our website"? That almost sounds like it would be kinda gross.

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