A new study into the gambling habits of Americans has revealed something shocking. Actually, it's not shocking at all. They have learned the state that is most addicted to its gambling habits. You'll never guess which one in a million years. That's a lie. Yes, you will.

Wallet Hub ranked the states based on their gambling frequency and (drum roll please) our friends in Nevada came in at #1.

Source: WalletHub

When you have the most gambling machines and casinos per capita, you're going to end up at a top of a gambling list like Nevada did. It's interesting though that Nevada does not have the highest percentage of adults with gambling problems. That honor goes to a bunch of Viking fans in Minnesota.

Some other takeaways from this ranking involve how Idaho also has issues when it comes to managing gambling habits. Easy access to Nevada probably doesn't help, but Utah is also right next door to Nevada and ends up ranked the best at not going crazy over the slot machines.

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