Thanks to technology we barely have to think for ourselves anymore. You can have a question and start typing it into Google search and sometimes the autocomplete will finish the sentence for you. Other times it is completely wrong. That happened today and as I looked at the auto-filled suggestions it made me wonder why those were the first to pop up. I assume it's because other people had searched for that a lot, and that's pretty weird based on some of what I saw.

What Are The Top Autofill Suggestions In Google Search?

To find this out, I just started typing 'Why does Idaho' and the following are the suggestions I was given before I finished my actual sentence question:

  • want to kill wolves
  • grow potatoes
  • have a panhandle
  • have two time zones
  • want part of Oregon
  • smell bad
  • keep calling me
  • have so many potatoes
  • hate California
  • look like that

Some of those auto-fill suggestions are valid questions and others are just misguided or almost mean. The question about wolves, potatoes, and time zones are real questions someone could ask. But there are a few that are mean: why does Idaho 'smell bad' and 'look like that' seem like unwarranted personal digs. Don't judge us by our looks.

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The best result on the list though is the 'Why does Idaho keep calling me'. Is that the lyrics to a song or are there loads of Idaho robocalls going out to people in other states? I actually clicked on that one and all the results were about robocalls and scam calls so not as exciting as it could have been.

credit Google
credit Google

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