I've seen some pretty weird things while passing by homes in Twin Falls over the years. These items range from toilet bowl-planter boxes and reflective tree chimes made from blank compact discs, to a fully intact, replica, wild west wagon. There is one landmark in particular though that has peaked my curiosity since moving into our new home last November, and it appears no one wants to take credit for it.

In November, 2019, my family moved about 1.5 miles south from our former home on Buchanan Street. It was while we were house hunting in mid-October that I first noticed what can only be described as a tree deck, or perhaps a tree-crow's-nest. I'd call it a treehouse, except it's not. Treehouses tend to have something resembling a roof.

The fact a fence was built that appears to have excluded the terrifyingly interesting, man made oddity, from the home's property line, has me wondering who in the hell, if anyone, is claiming it as their own.

It almost looks as if Jesus had a few extra pieces of wood and some nails handy while on a visit, began construction on it, and then hastily left for more important matters awaiting him back in Nazareth. The tree looks ancient too. I bet Adam had a good time chasing Eve around it.

tree 1
Greg Jannetta

There are so many unanswered questions I have. For instance, was this a fully constructed, flourishing tree house at one point in time? How come it's located between a residential fence and the sidewalk? And, most importantly, how many children's lives has this frightening, tilted, rickety-looking-structure claimed? I'd expect to have to sign a waiver of sorts to climb it.

It's a fascinating design as far as treehouses go. Someone put some time and energy into it for sure. It's also the one thing I look forward to passing on Heyburn Avenue every morning on my to work.

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