Walmart is one of those stores that we don't admit we go to as much as we really do because it's a twisted, guilty pleasure. Each one of us also has that one aisle that very rarely changes, and yet we have to peruse it with the utmost concentration every damn time we go.

Whenever my wife utters the words, "I need to run by Walmart," I get filled with both excitement and trepidation. Every visit to the store is like an episode of Seinfeld. From the crazy cashier that loves to screw with me to the receipt checker on the way out that thinks he's a Secret Service member, Walmart is full of the most interesting characters walking the planet.

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I have a seven-year-old boy, so naturally, the one aisle I haven't been able to avoid for years every time I go is the toy aisle. It's a painful reminder of all the priceless action figures I blew up with firecrackers or melted with a lighter when I was between the ages of eight and ten. I wish my parents had spanked me more.

Greg Jannetta

My two favorite sections at the Twin Falls Walmart to check out every visit are the electronics and hot sauce, beer, and packaged snack aisles. The electronics section, which also houses DVDs, vinyl records, Funko Pops, posters, and other fantastic items, is great because the inventory gets updated frequently. I mean, feast on your eyes on the "Master of Puppets 1986 Tour" Funko set I just came across the other day (below). So badass!

Greg Jannetta
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Greg Jannetta

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