Your kids probably have their Halloween costumes picked out. But most adults like to wait until 6:00pm the night before Halloween.

I think it's safe to say that most kids will be dressed up as Star Wars or minions. According to Yahoothe two big costume trends this year are:

1.  Group costumes.  Instead of everyone doing their own thing, you pick an idea for a bunch of people, and everyone sticks to the theme.

It can be anything . . . Mario Kart, "The Walking Dead", the Kardashians . . . whatever.

2.  Throwback pop culture costumes.  And the '90s are hot . . . Pinterest says '90s costumes are 500% more popular than they were last year.

Think boy bands, "Scream",the Spice Girls, "Clueless""Ace Ventura" . . . you get it.