Better put down that Stick of Truth, because Angry Birds is the next franchise that we weren't expecting to venture into the realm of adventure role-playing.

Kotaku reported that Rovio, the developer responsible for the Angry Birds series, has just revealed the game it was teasing last week, and finally, it's not going to be a physics-based slingshot game. Angry Birds Epic is going to focus on turn-based combat and adhere towards adventure and role-playing mechanics.

Hopefully there will be a flushed-out story and a decent amount of RPG intricacy to prevent the piggie war from going stagnant. Of course, we expect Angry Birds Epic will meet Rovio's standard of cuteness and hilarity despite moving to a more serious frontier.

Angry Birds Epic will be hitting mobile devices later this year, but it will be holding a soft launch in Australia and Canada this week.

Angry Birds Epic

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