Valentine's Day is finally here and there are loads of great ideas and fun or romantic things you can do in Southern Idaho. There are also loads of terrible ideas for activities. Here's our list of the worst places to take a date on Valentin'es Day in Southern Idaho and hopefully it saves your day some heartache (and heartburn).


If you are even considering a trip to WalMart for Valentine's Day I'm going to assume you are either single or have a history of making bad decisions and will soon be single. Save your trip to load up on toilet paper and sodas for another day.

Kayaking or White Water Rafting

Pretty much any other time of year kayaking and rafting are great ideas. But you have to consider that it is winter and we just got a few inches of snow. Maybe an outdoor water activity isn't the best idea.

The Trough/Golden Corral

Now, don't get me wrong - I love buffets! We are only 2 months into the year and we have already gone to Golden Corral. The problem with a buffet on Valentine's Day is that it really doesn't set the romantic Valentine's mood. It sets the 'I'm so stuffed I feel sick and need a nap' mood.


If you are looking for somewhere a little further away - don't go to Chubbuck. Ever. You'd be better off going to Arco.

Downtown Twin Falls

Twin Falls has made huge improvements to the City Center, but it is still listed as the most dangerous neighborhood in Twin Falls. If you are cool with a little danger, then go ahead and do Downtown - there is a lot of cool stuff to do and food to eat!

Picnic By The Sugar Beet Factory Duck Lake

I drove past the Sugar Beet factory yesterday and there are so many ducks in the little lake by it! But, don't be tempted to use those cute ducks though as entertainment for Valentine's Day. The sugar Beet Factory has a tendency to stink and it is still winter and you'll freeze out there.

Hike To Ross Falls

Again, this is a fine date idea pretty much any time of year (assuming you can find the place) it's just that right now the trail is snow covered and muddy. Though, cold weather could lead to snuggles so do or don't at your discretion.

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