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Locals know the Snake River isn’t named after any creepy crawling creatures.  On the other hand, some snakes make their homes alongside the river.  Some are even dangerous.  One of my former coworkers, Penne Main, told me in the immediate area of the river in Twin Falls you aren’t likely to encounter a rattler.  A bull snake, possibly, but he or she won’t be deadly.

AZ Animals is listing six snakes you can find if you’re traveling the long length of the river.  I would believe the more dangerous would be found to the east.  That can include the Western Rattler.

A friend has told me there’s a rule of thumb with snakes.  Round eyes aren’t venomous.  The rattler doesn’t have round eyes.  Recommendation:  Get away!

We have our share of garter snakes.  When I was a little boy, I used to play with a little girl named Cathy.  She would snap up garter snakes by grabbing them just behind the skull.  She would spin them around and then watch as they helicoptered through the air.  I lost track of Cathy and then during my junior year of college discovered we were on the same campus.  I asked if she still tossed snakes.  She explained as she had grown older, she became afraid of all crawling reptiles.

I give all wildlife healthy respect.  If I see a snake slithering across a parking lot, I let it get on with its business.  They don’t appear to have an interest in me, and I return the favor.

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