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John Evans was Governor, Ronald Reagan was President, and the population of all of Twin Falls County was about the size of the city today.  Brent Reinke didn’t have gray hair.  His family began operating Mr. Bs as a concession at the county fair.  It served generations over the next four decades.  Now an era has come to an end.  The family decided to bring it to an end.  This year, the Reinke’s will enjoy the fair just like everyone else, without the long days of set up, serving, and then tearing down.  `The fair is among the longest-running institutions in southern Idaho.

Some acts, exhibits, and food choices become a part of the tradition.  Fairs, and their attractions, are a constant in an ever-changing world. It reminds me of the speech by the James Earl Jones character in Field of Dreams.  He explains that America has been demolished and rebuilt not simply once, but repeatedly.  He says that baseball remains a constant.

Brent Reinke serves as a Twin Falls County Commissioner, and he’s somewhat of a constant in that role, having served on the same board during the 90s.

The fair will move on and then return year after year.  Even the so-called pandemic didn’t stop its annual return.  There will still be cattle barns, train exhibits, and rodeos.

Carnival barkers and thrill rides will continue.  At night there will be bright lights and sounds of animals, joyous children, and sputtering tractor engines.

It’s just that for the family and staff who worked at Mr. Bs, life is quiet at the end of summer.

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