I've never claimed to be the world's greatest driver, but I do pay attention to signs. When it comes to a 300-pound animal that has the ability to completely rearrange the front end of my truck, I pay particularly close attention.

We've all seen the signs. They are yellow with the image of a black buck and usually are diamond-shaped. If you drive from Twin Falls to Wells enough, you will pass a number of signs that warn drivers about deer migration areas. The most tell-tale sign you're traveling through one of these areas is often the amount of road kill lining the highway because many drivers just don't think it's going to be their day to cream one at 70 miles per hour.

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Spring and fall migrations present many hazards for southern Idaho drivers. I can't tell you how many times I've seen motorists take out deer because they just simply enjoy ignoring the signs. These deer bridges you see throughout the state are a nice idea, but in no way do they mean you can continue flying down the highway passing one car after another and the deer will usher themselves safely across the road.

I speak from experience in this matter. I had a large deer leap from the side of the road one night directly in front of my car as I was heading home from work years ago. The bill at the body shop was $2,500 if memory serves me. Luckily, my insurance actually came through for me and I wasn't responsible for the full amount.

Another dangerous area where your luck is going to run out eventually is coming down off of Galena Summit headed toward Sawtooth City. This highway is packed with tourists during the summer months, and many are seeing the sights for the first time. Many people from the Magic Valley make the 150-mile drive over the summit routinely to visit areas such as Redfish Lake, Alturas, and Stanley Lake.

Slow down and take the signs in these areas seriously. Saving lives, both human and animal, is a precaution worth taking.

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