This is a nice change. For once, I can share some new statistics about Idaho driving that is actually good news. There is a sign that driving fatalities are going down in a big way.

These new numbers come from a long-term study shared by Axle Geeks. It comes from US Census data from 2000 through 2015 and shows driving fatalities in Idaho are on a massive downward trend.

The big thing to notice is the trend over time. Overall fatalities in Idaho from 2000 to 2015 declined 45.9% and alcohol-related fatalities were down 47.2%. There was a slight uptick in pedestrian fatalities, but only a modest 4.7%.

It's not all sunshine and roses. As we reported recently, DUI arrests are up in Idaho, so we still have work to do. And, even one Idaho vehicle fatality is one too many.

Check out the full report for more information including the methodology from the Fatality Analysis Reporting website.

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