Last week Twin Falls Police released photos of people of interest in a series of car break ins. If it is them who are breaking windows to get into vehicles, it hasn't stopped them from doing more.

There were several car break ins last week, one at Gold's Gym where a purse full of credit and bank cards were taken. Police released a picture of two people who may know more information about it. And over the weekend there were at least four more break ins!

According to some Facebook pages and reports, at least four different people reported windows being broken out of their cars and/or their belongings being taken out of their vehicles. One was reported outside La Fiesta and several others along Main street.

One person reported their car being broken into while they were inside of Koto Brewing. This has become such a problem businesses along Main Street are telling their customers to ensure they have locked their vehicles.

Now, this is by no means the fault of the people who are getting their stuff stolen and vandalized. But you should make sure you take all of your belongings inside with you and don't leave anything in your car. Women, if you must leave your purse, put it in the trunk of your car.

If you have any information about these break ins please contact Twin Falls Police at 208-735-7200.

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