If you don't mind a 3-hour drive, you can drive to a canyon that has just been called out by a national website as a top 5 absolute must-see in Nevada.

Only In Your State named Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains as one of the five locations you need to visit at some point. The sweet part for us is that it's a very comfortable drive that clocks in at right around 3 hours.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's refreshing to see northern Nevada not get ignored for once. Normally, when these lists come out, you'll see multitudes of Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe locations. In this case, good ole Elko County was up there rubbing elbows with the big boys. I promise I will stop referring to cities and counties as boys now.

Check out the full list on Only In Your State to see what other parts of Nevada need a trip to sometime.

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