I think a fish tank in the lobby of a business adds a nice colorful, tranquilizing feel for those waiting to be assisted. It is however, much more pleasant, when those fish aren't seventy-percent skeletal.

At a recent visit to a Twin Falls business--I'm not going to name it, because I'm not trying to cast them in a negative light, and I'm sure they are unaware that one of their tank show pieces has been dead for what appears to be several weeks--I couldn't help but find the humor in this highly creepy, and offbeat, situation.

The thing I really found humorous about this, was the fact the other fish were completely non-disconcerted. I'm really hoping someone brings this matter to the staff's attention, because I couldn't bring myself to do it...at least not with a straight face.

I wonder if the other fish refer to him as "Bones" now.


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