So, what did you do over spring break? When I wasn't at work, I sat around my house mostly and complained about the intermittent rain and cold weather.

It's hard to not feel like a complete wus after seeing what these area outdoorsmen were up to over the break. MC Adventures shared a video on April 1, 2019, containing some pretty sweet footage of snowboarding at Magic Mountain Resort, as well as some epic mountain biking at Auger Falls.

"Spring Break Snowboarding And Mountain Biking Twin Falls Idaho'" is the title of the nearly seven-minute video showcasing some of southern Idaho's best terrain. The video begins with over three-minutes of boarding in pristine conditions at Magic Mountain via a GoPro. The second half of the video features some upper level riding along trails near Auger Falls in Twin Falls County.

These area adventurers did their spring break right, and refused to settle for a dull, sedentary couple of days, like some of us did.

Thanks for sharing.

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