As a blogger...not a writer...I mean have you seen the crap I (Kendra Wolfe) write about? I'm not complaining, I just can't believe they pay me to watch those videos.

Anyways, a lot of what my day consists of is creating catchy headlines and I wish I would have coined this one:

Utah Boys On Soda Run Help Woman Whose Pants Catch Fire

LOL No, it's NOT a Florida story. Instead a very strange story out of Utah. Basically, these kids were on a soda run (of course that's what they told the press, they were really looking for a bum to buy them a forty) and saved the day.

The boys, ages 12 and 13, were walking to a Walmart Neighborhood Market after school Thursday when they spotted a woman lying in the parking lot with her leg on fire.

KSL-TV reports 12-year-old Matai Wilson took off his coat and used it to smother the flames, and the boys called 911.

Police say the woman was wearing nylons under her jeans, and the pantyhose caught fire when ash from her cigarette burned through the pants. She was taken to the hospital with serious burns.

This is exactly why I don't ever wear nylons! It's called stop drop and roll honey! Oh one more: was she a liar? Get it liar liar pants on fire!?

And now for more pictures of Pants On Fire (doesn't the guy in the red shirt look like Kevin Bacon?):

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