Sometimes, Idaho hides its best views from everyone except those willing to exert some special effort. The hike to this Idaho lake is seriously tough, but the reward at the end is spectacular.

The hike that I'm talking about leads to Merriam Lake. First things first, you have to drive a little bit just to BEGIN the hike. It's a good 4 hour drive from Twin Falls to the start of the trailhead.

From Twin to Merriam, Google Maps
From Twin to Merriam, Google Maps

All Trails ranks this as a 5-star hike. The review from user Gary R describes it well.

Beautiful lake, hike is deceiving. Starts our nice but gets a little rough 3/4 through. 2 rough areas but overall I give it a moderate rating. No equipment needed but fishing poles, fishing was awesome.

At the end of the hike to Merriam, you have one of the most underrated mountain ranges in Idaho - the Lost River Range - surrounding a crystal clear lake. Drool.

Have you ever attempted this hike? If so, please share pics. We just can't look at this beautiful lake enough.

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