This will not come as a shock to women around these parts, but us guys are a special kind of creature. Our species is not known for making good decisions when left alone and this video shows what can possibly happen.

This is the work of the BlueDually4x4 YouTube guys. They came to Twin Falls and explained this about their trip:

Took the rigs out to Twin Falls to see what could be had for trails. Not much, but still a good time until I stripped the spur gear. And look at that, I even showed the falls.

As a guy, I can appreciate the detail they've put into these RC cars. Gee whiz, the amount of effort they've put into those shocks and tires is more than I've put into our family vehicle.

Oh, and they also spent some quality guy time at Auger Falls.

This inspired me to check out the RC Planet website. The tech behind these remote control cars now is amazing.

The next time I'm left alone here in Twin Falls, I know what I'll be doing. After all, I am a guy and that's what we do.

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