We've heard a lot about the TikTok app this year. We know President Trump is not a fan and even went so far as to ban the app. Currently the app maker is wondering if that ban still exists in the United States, according to the BBC. TikTok has also given quite a few people their 15 minutes of fame. Idahoan, Nathan Apodaca, has seen a rather lucrative return on his TikTok fame. Since his juice loving, Fleetwood Mac listening video went viral this year he was given a new truck, proposed to his girlfriend, and paid cash for a new house. All that because of a short video that the world apparently really needed during this pandemic. Maybe it should be a surprise, but despite his use of Fleetwood Mac in the video, Dreams is not the most popular dance song for TikTokkers in Idaho.

The most popular song used for TikTok dance videos in Idaho is a much less family friendly tune. TakeSpruce says the song 'Savage' by Megan Thee Stallion has the honor of most popular here. That doesn't mean it is a good song. I'm actually not even going to link to it because I think it is that inappropriate. I did find a TikTok video I felt wasn't offensive to share, plus it's funny how the family joins in on this one. You can delve deeper if you want, but here's a taste of it:

This one actually has nothing to do with dancing, but the life hack is pretty impressive:

Check out the list of all the most popular TikTok dance songs at TakeSpruce, but be warned - most of them are pretty bad.

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