Linda Wright-Hartgen stood up on the Senate floor and stated that her constituents want amnesty for illegal aliens.  She didn’t use the word amnesty.  It doesn’t appear in the resolution she co-sponsored in the state senate.  It refers to permanent residency and would allow families to join illegal immigrant parents.  Then a couple can have more babies, who’ll be citizens.  The resolution asks the federal government to make the change.

Is Wright-Hartgen on the level?  You be the judge.  We’re told we need this or otherwise Idaho dairy farms will implode and we’ll all be hungry.

The Senator represents mostly the city of Twin Falls.  How many farms do you see on Blue Lakes Boulevard?  There aren’t many left within city limits.

Meanwhile, Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld represents rural Twin Falls County, as well as Gooding and Camas Counties.  She found her constituents were overwhelmingly opposed to amnesty.  Oh, and against driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.  Do you think there are more farms in her district than in Twin Falls?  Apply some logic here!

Senator Wright-Hartgen’s late husband served several terms in the state legislature.  He was well known for his obedience to the elites, the donor class, and lobbyists.  Same name, and the same philosophy.

The resolution was forced through the Senate late Thursday and now makes its way to the House, where several more squishes kowtow to big money.

These are the same Republicans who claimed they couldn’t intervene in private business affairs when big donors were forcing employees to get the COVID jab.  Now they intervene in private businesses when it benefits the business that wants to hire cheap and unskilled labor.  Follow the money.  It chases the corrupt and morally bankrupt.

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