The last week or so of weather we've had in the Magic Valley has me wanting to put my roof rack back on. With recent temperatures hitting close to 60 degrees, there are some outdoor enthusiasts getting an early jump-start on spring kayaking.

A new Twin Falls outdoor adventure video popped up on the YouTube channel of CB Creative on March 4, 2020, and it's making me want to get down into the Snake River immediately. It's been easily five months since I last through my kayak in the waters of Alturas Lake.

The video starts off with some nice aerial footage over Shoshone Falls. The small group then launches out of Centennial Park, and heads up river under the Perrine Bridge. The drone footage over the canyon is of the highest quality, and captures the beauty of this section of the river quite nicely. BASE jumpers can be seen taking the leap overhead.

My favorite park of the video is the shot of the three kayakers heading toward a rather impressive rainbow, which is an experience that has managed to escape me in my 20 plus years of being active in the sport.

The video finishes with a gorgeous, sunset shot down the Snake River. For anyone that has the time, Friday (March 6) appears to be the only nice day in the immediate future, where conditions will again be ideal to grab the kayak and head out. Highs are expected to be in the mid-60s tomorrow, before plunging back down into the low-50s for the weekend, with a chance of rain.

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