It's no surprise that Twin Falls has a lot of options when it comes to title loans and payday loans.

But have you ever counted how many of these businesses are just on Blue Lakes in Twin?  Last week we drove down Blue Lakes to find out how many of these businesses were in a 2 mile span.

According to the Idaho legislature, Code 28-22-104 regarding the Legal Rate Of Interest, when there is no express contract in writing fixing a different rate of interest, interest is allowed at the rate of twelve cents (12¢) on the hundred. See full details. 

Title loan and payday loan business's have been known to help people get out of a financial pinch but they can also be a financial trap.

The key to having success with a payday loan or title loan is to read the fine print and do the math. Most of these loan establishments offer instant cash with high interest rates.

Some payday loans and title loans have interest rates as high as 24%! Like I said, be very careful if you choose to use these Twin Falls businesses.

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