If you haven’t heard of Larry the Cable Guy, you’ve obviously been dead for the past few years because the man is everywhere. Even if you’ve been living in a cave in some remote part of the world, we’re pretty sure you could buy Larry the Cable Guy merchandise there. From best selling books, to DVDs and CDs, the man has been a machine and only seems to be getting more popular. And though Larry continues to tour the country, not everyone has the opportunity to see him perform which is why he decided to release his most recent comedy special, Tailgate Party, on CD. You can also see him on the History Channel hosting his new show "Only in America."

Also Featured On The Show:

Adam Carolla: A well known co-host of the long-time late night radio show (and MTV program) Loveline with Dr. Drew, and as the co-host of the television program "The Man Show" with Jimmy Kimmel.

Mary Patterson Broome: A young southern belle who has gone on to headline clubs across the country and also took part in the Pretty, Funny, Women show at the Hollywood Improv.

Dan Boulger: A young comedian who won the Boston Comedy Festival, blowing off an important college paper in the process. The missed paper didn't seem to effect his career too much as he's gone on to appear on Comedy Central’s "Live at Gotham," The BBC, and the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival.

Mike Whitman: A comedian whose innovative material and style made him the hit and semi-finalist of the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival has led him to become Boston's Best New Comedian.

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