Born and raised in New Jersey, Kevin Smith first broke on to the seen with his underground film, Clerks, in 1994. Since then, he and his "View Askew" team have created a number of cult classics such as Mallrats and Dogma, plus theatrical hits like Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. And though Smith has enjoyed mainstream success, he's doing something against the grain with his new movie Red State. He is foregoing all use of 'old media' advertising such as TV and Radio commercials, and is instead embracing the newer and much cheaper new media and word of mouth. He's also keeping all of his books open so young and aspiring filmmakers can follow his lead. Check out Kevin's Podcast and Teaser Trailer. Follow Kevin on Twitter

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Joe Elliott: While spending his time listening to that music Joe dreamt of one day playing as a member of his imaginary band Deaf Leopard. This dream came true when he joined the band Atomic Mass, originally formed by Rick Savage and Pete Willis. Oddly enough, the band renamed themselves Def Leppard based on Joe's dream. Currently Joe recently released a new solo album, Down 'N Outz - My Regeneration, and is back out on tour with Heart.

Bret Michaels: has sold 25 million records and scored an amazing 15 chartbusting Top 40 singles including "Talk Dirty to Me," "Something to Believe In," "Nothing But a Good Time" and the timeless #1 smash "Every Rose Has its Thorn." But most recently Bret has become famous for his appeanaces on the reality shows "The Celebrity Apprentice" and "Rock of Love."

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