After high school, David Dyer wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a famous Broadway director, but after discovering that path involved a lot of work, he settled for becoming a stand-up comedian. Now he’s making the same amount of money a low level stripper would pull in, but he’s happy, and he can provide name brand cereal for his kids. David’s twisted take on life’s quirky little situations means that he’s covering the same material a million other guys are doing, he just does it better. Follow David on twitter and facebook.

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Costaki Economopoulos: Costaki talks about all things football. Watch for him in an upcoming Showtime Special, where he shares the stage with his baby's momma, the very funny and beautiful Caroline Rhea. Follow Costaki on facebook and twitter.

Billy Gardell: After appearing in a number of television programs including "Yes, Dear," "Judging Amy" "My Name is Earl" and "Monk," Gardell is also the star of the new hit sitcom "Mike and Molly" which airs Mondays on CBS. You can also catch his Comedy special "Halftime" on Comedy Central and DVD.

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