The last time comedian Rob Haney came on, we posted the only head shot of him that we could find, and it looked like it was taken back in the early 80s. Not happy with this, Haney asked us to remove it and replace it something else, so we took a picture using the studio camera, and he asked us to remove that one too because it made him look about 20 years older than he actually is. You just can't please some people. But putting his pictures aside, Rob is known to be an extremely funny guy, a wonderful joke teller, and most importantly, extremely cheap, (or as he likes to spin it, "price conscience"). Astute listeners out there will recognize his voice from the famous Dog for Sale joke that appears on the album Gone Wild.

Also Featured On Today's Show:

Anthony Bourdain: Hosts the popular Travel Channel program "No Reservations," is the author of two novels, is a contributing writer for The New Yorker and is releasing a new book Medium Raw, which takes a look at the current state of the food world and the people who run it. Follow Anthony on twitter.

Anne Fisher: Has been writing the advice column, "Ask Annie," for Fortune Magazine since 1996, helping readers navigate booms, recessions, changing industries, and changing ideas about what's appropriate in the workplace.

Bob Zany: was recently featured in the Matt Damon film, The Informant! and is the star of the new documentary Close But No Cigar: Bob Zany. Follow Bob on Facebook.

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