Singer/songwriter and gifted guitar player Henry Phillips may be lonely and a self-professed loser, but he's also one of the most clever comedians on the planet. His songs often focus on the darker, more twisted side of life, but we still find his soft-spoken, self-deprecating personality quite adorable. Though his demeanor may lead you to believe otherwise, he's actually a fun guy to be around, especially if you enjoy gambling, drinking or gambling while drinking. In other news, Henry recently wrote and starred in the movie Punching the Clown, which can now be added to your queue on Netflix (click here to add) or purchased at Amazon.com. Follow Henry on twitter.

Also Featured On Today's Show:

Paul Mecurio: He started as a staff writer for Jay Leno and soon found himself collecting awards for his work with the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" where his duties included warming up the crowd. Now, along with being a top-notch headlining comedian, Mecurio also has a featured on the B&T Show (as well as a new CD) called Image Makeover, and starred in an online video sports series on HBO.com called "Got No Game."

Drew Hastings: He is not only one of the most brilliant comedians working today, he's also one of the only metrosexual "Gentleman Farmers" in the midwest. Unless you know of another guy raising pigs and growing corn while wearing a black mock turtle-neck sweater. Drew is currently working on a new pilot for television called "The Battle of Hastings," and if it's anything like the trailer, it should be picked up immediately. You can also now enjoy Drew Hastings new "ManCandle."

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