Another Tomb Raider video game is arriving on iOS this week, but this isn't your typical Lara Croft adventure. No, this time, Square Enix is bringing the talents of Ms. Croft to the collectible card game arena.

In Lara Croft: Reflections, players will still be hunting for relics and artifacts from the past. However, any tomb raiding will be done with the aid of collectible cards in the same vein as Magic: The Gathering. You'll battle with enemies using the cards, too, and you can even take on other players in one-on-one match-ups where you can steal their artifacts. Of course, there'll also be an option to team-up with a second player to take down boss characters.

According to EGM, Reflections is live on the New Zealand and Australian iOS app store now. Hopefully the wait for the U.S. version won't be terribly long, even with the holiday happening this week. You can learn more about Reflections over on the official Facebook page.

Lara Croft Reflections

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