The upcoming Tomb Raider Definitive Edition may feature the same core game as last year's Tomb Raider reboot, but as this comparison video shows, Crystal Dynamics is taking things up a few notches when it comes to the presentation.

Crystal Dynamics' executive producer Scot Amos sat down with IGN to demonstrate the differences between the original Tomb Raider and the Definitive Edition. Almost immediately, you can see the differences in particle and lighting effects. It takes a closer look to see the improved character model for Lara. Not only has there been a complete texture overhaul, as well as new hair physics, Lara's skin has been revamped to allow more realistic and dynamic lighting. Now instead of the brightly lit, overwashed face seen on the PS3 and 360, her skin reacts properly, allowing light to diffuse properly, and allowing for some impressive shading.

The smoke and lights also get highlighted a bit, and particular improvements can be seen at night in the rain. In the video, Amos calls out how the spotlight works in inclement weather, and you can see a dramatic change from the way things looked in the original to the way they'll look in the Definitive Edition. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is due out on Jan. 28 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and we're eager to give one of 2013's best games another go on our new consoles.

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