It seems as if the "Reborn" hashtag was pretty apt, as Tomb Raider will have sold over six million units at the end of the month.

Darrel Gallagher, head of studios at Crystal Dynamics, posted a special message to the Tomb Raider Tumblr that celebrates the game's birthday. It's been a year since Tomb Raider's reboot was released and he wanted to send out a special message that details the game's success and also thanks the fans.

"With more than 70 nominations and awards on industry 'best of lists' at the end of 2013 we have been incredibly flattered with the response and feedback," Gallagher said. He went on to talk about the success of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and how well it's been received on the next-gen consoles.

At the end of this month Tomb Raider will have surpassed the six million unit mark in terms of sales, "having achieved profitability back in 2013 Tomb Raider has exceeded profit expectations and continues to make significant contributions" to the company's overall financial performance. Gallagher touches on the fact that this success has put the reboot on track to become the best-selling title in the history of the Tomb Raider franchise. Since there are about 14 games in the franchise's history, that's pretty impressive.

Gallagher goes on to thank the fans in the last part of his message, promising that they'll use the lessons learned from creating the reboot to craft better Tomb Raider experiences in the future. Though we wonder if the long term success of the reboot comes as any comfort to Square Enix, which basically declared the game a failure a year ago when it didn't meet insane estimated sales immediately. Regardless, things are looking up for Ms. Croft in the coming years, and we look forward to her next adventure.

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